Taking Down Goliath Men’s Study


This Series Contains:
Six 30-minute sessions on DVD and audio CDs
Eleven 5 to 7-minute micro messages for ongoing deacon training
THE DEACON I WANT TO BE training manual
Leader Guide
Promotion kit
Ten-minute PREVIEW of all six lessons


  1. THE DEACON and HIS WORTHINESS – His Qualifications, His Calling and His Walk with Christ
  2. THE DEACON and HIS WORK – His Mission, His Responsibilities and His Mentoring
  3. THE DEACON and HIS WIFE – Her Attributes, Her Ministry and Their Home Together
  4. THE DEACON and HIS WORSHIP – His Faithfulness to the Word, the Church, to Prayer and Praise
  5. THE DEACON and HIS WALK – His Application of Kingdom Principles for Daily Living
  6. THE DEACON and HIS WITNESS – Sharing Christ Faithfully and Helping Grow the Church

Micro-Messages for Ongoing Training:

  1. RELAX WITH A GOOD BOOK – Lighting Your Path and Lifting Your Load
  2. GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER – Setting Priorities for a Balanced Home Life
  3. DON’T ROCK THE JUKE BOX – Protecting the Fellowship from the Sounds of Disharmony
  4. THE LONELY WHINE OF THE LEAD DOG – Caring for Your Pastor While He Cares for Others
  5. RUNNING THE RACE, SETTING THE PACE – Pulling as a Team in the Same Direction
  6. MANNERS FOR MINISTRY – Treating People The Way You?d Like to be Treated
  7. UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE STALL – Moving Forward Together with a Clear Plan & Purpose
  8. THE LOOK AND LEAP OF LEADERSHIP – Becoming a Leader Who Achieves the Results He Seeks
  9. TAKING DOWN THE GIANTS – Addressing Problems with Confidence Instead of Attacking People with Criticism
  10. PARTNERS IN PRAYER – Drawing Strength From Whom All Blessings Flow
  11. EPITAPH FOR A DEACON BODY – Leaving a Legacy For Those Who Follow After

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