2022 Johnny Hunt Men’s Conference – February 4 & 5

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2022 Johnny Hunt Men’s Conference February 4 & 5

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  • Psalm 23

    Join Pastor Johnny in this verse-by-verse study of this Powerful Psalm. 6 messages are included.
  • Overcoming the Giants That Every Man Faces In this expositional Bible Study, Dr. Hunt teaches men that Bible principles work. With over 12,000 men attending his annual Super Bowl Weekend Men?s Conference each year, his teaching effectiveness is tried and proven. The seven GIANTS he equips men to overcome are:
    1. The GIANT of SEX - Fitting Man's Desire into God's Design
    2. The GIANT of MONEY - Trusting the Good Book-Not the Check Book
    3. The GIANT of HABITS - Breaking Free from Behavior that Binds
    4. The GIANT of TEMPTATION - Tempted and Tried-but Triumphant
    5. The GIANT of FAILURE - The Blessing of Beginning Again
    6. The GIANT of FEAR - The Battle That Only Faith can Win
    7. The GIANT of RELATIONSHIPS - Lessons for Loving and Living
    Included: DVD/CD kits with SEVEN 30-minute sessions, Workbook, Facilitator Guide, plus Promotional Material
  • This Series Contains: Six 30-minute sessions on DVD and audio CDs Eleven 5 to 7-minute micro messages for ongoing deacon training THE DEACON I WANT TO BE training manual Leader Guide Promotion kit Ten-minute PREVIEW of all six lessons Lessons:
    1. THE DEACON and HIS WORTHINESS - His Qualifications, His Calling and His Walk with Christ
    2. THE DEACON and HIS WORK - His Mission, His Responsibilities and His Mentoring
    3. THE DEACON and HIS WIFE - Her Attributes, Her Ministry and Their Home Together
    4. THE DEACON and HIS WORSHIP - His Faithfulness to the Word, the Church, to Prayer and Praise
    5. THE DEACON and HIS WALK - His Application of Kingdom Principles for Daily Living
    6. THE DEACON and HIS WITNESS - Sharing Christ Faithfully and Helping Grow the Church
    Micro-Messages for Ongoing Training:
    1. RELAX WITH A GOOD BOOK - Lighting Your Path and Lifting Your Load
    2. GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER - Setting Priorities for a Balanced Home Life
    3. DON'T ROCK THE JUKE BOX - Protecting the Fellowship from the Sounds of Disharmony
    4. THE LONELY WHINE OF THE LEAD DOG - Caring for Your Pastor While He Cares for Others
    5. RUNNING THE RACE, SETTING THE PACE - Pulling as a Team in the Same Direction
    6. MANNERS FOR MINISTRY - Treating People The Way You?d Like to be Treated
    7. UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE STALL - Moving Forward Together with a Clear Plan & Purpose
    8. THE LOOK AND LEAP OF LEADERSHIP - Becoming a Leader Who Achieves the Results He Seeks
    9. TAKING DOWN THE GIANTS - Addressing Problems with Confidence Instead of Attacking People with Criticism
    10. PARTNERS IN PRAYER - Drawing Strength From Whom All Blessings Flow
    11. EPITAPH FOR A DEACON BODY - Leaving a Legacy For Those Who Follow After
  • Serving the Lord and Impacting the Kingdom in My Lifetime
    • Nine 15-Minute Sessions + one 40-Minute Q&A on DVDs and CDs
    • Reproducible 44-page The Leader I Want to Be manual w/discussion guide and facilitator tips.
    • FREE online streaming
    • Promo Ads/Downloadable/Reproducible from Website
    1. Who LISTENS?
    2. Who LEARNS?
    3. Who LABORS?
    4. Who LOVES?
    5. Who LOOKS?
    6. Who LIFTS?
    7. Who LAUNCHES?
    8. Who LASTS?
    Q&A with MILLENNIALS: Straight Answers to Timely Questions from the Next Great Generation.
  • Sermons and Series in MP3 format on this USB drive:
    • Beginnings-5 Messages
    • Designed to Serve-4 Messages
    • Evidence of Spiritual Growth-10 Messages
    • Full-4 Messages
    • His Story-8 Messages
    • Living in the Light of the End-5 Messages
    • Love of God-1 Message
    • Main Ingredient of Marriage-2 Messages
    • Moving Forward-5 Messages
    • Much More-5 Messages
    • Passion X Purpose-8 Messages
    • Restoring Spiritual Vitality-5 Messages
    • Shoe Leather Christianity-4 Messages
    • Surrender-4 Messages
    • Transformed-7 Messages
    • What is a Disciple-7 Messages
  • Sermons and Series in MP3 format on this USB drive:
    • Beavers, Fallen Trees, and Dammed Up Lives - 1 Message
    • Deeper (7 Churches of Revelation) - 10 Messages
    • Demolishing Strongholds - 6 Messages
    • Dryness in Duty - 4 Messages
    • Free to Forgive (Forgiveness From the Heart) - 6 Messages
    • From the Poolroom to the Pulpit - 1 Message
    • Give of Your Best to the Master - 1 Message
    • Have Hope - 7 Messages
    • James, Where Belief Meets Behavior - 10 Messages
    • Life Out of Death - 7 Messages
    • Pastor’s 1st Sunday @ Woodstock (1986) - 1 Message
    • Psalm 23 - 6 Messages
    • Psalms We Need to Sing - 8 Messages
    • Questions Answered - 3 Messages
    • Refusing to Leave the World they Way We Found It - 1 Message
    • Should Christians Drink - 1 Message
    • The Battle Within - 5 Messages
    • The Blessing of Being Saved - 1 Message
    • The Cost of True Discipleship - 4 Messages
    • The Devil Desires to Have You - 1 Message
    • The Hunt for the Precious Life - 1 Message
    • The Kingdom Life - 8 Messages
    • UnSpoken - 9 Messages
    • What’s Ahead - 5 Messages
  • From the Poolroom to the Pulpit is the autobiographical, life-changing story of Johnny Hunt.  Follow this thrilling story of a young boy, deserted by his Dad at age 7, with 5 brothers and sisters and a single mom working day and night to provide. Raised in Government Housing, Johnny becomes a rebellious teenage alcohol abuser, high school dropout, and manager of a pool hall.  Read how his life changed one snowy Sunday night.
  • A year of learning about Heaven, Jesus’ life, and His resurrection. Heaven, Life, and the Resurrection will strengthen your walk with Him.
    You will find blessings upon blessings as you read the uplifting Scripture verses, daily devotions, and prayers from 52 trusted pastors and church leaders. Each day learn more about Jesus - Heaven and His resurrection - and discover a life lived well with Him.
  • 2022 Daily Devotional Book + 100 Most Requested Sermons from Pastor Johnny
  • My Wonderful Bible

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