2022 Johnny Hunt Men’s Conference – February 4 & 5

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2022 Johnny Hunt Men’s Conference February 4 & 5

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  • Includes all main sessions and breakout sessions
  • Session 1: Johnny Hunt Session 2: Jeremy Morton Session 3: Johnny Hunt
  • The Book of Acts contains the exegetical sermon notes that Pastor Johnny used while preaching through the book of Acts. This is a great resource for pastors to use during sermon prep and for anyone desiring to dig deeper into God's Word.
  • While on earth, Jesus frequently encouraged His followers to trust and draw near to Him. Jesus extends that same invitation to us today, and nothing is more important than knowing Jesus and being known by Him. When you were close to God, you can know better how to live. Anchored in Jesus explores what it means to have a living relationship with Christ and how that is the key to growing strong as a believer. As you explore who Jesus is and what He has done for you, the Lord will work in your life so that you reflect His character more and more. You "bear much fruit" when you live closely to Jesus and exhibit the same kind of love, joy, peace, patience, faithfulness, and self-control He modeled. Anchor yourself in Jesus... And let Him transform you.
  • So often in life we get stuck dwelling on our mistakes and failures. Join Pastor Johnny as he walks through Joshua and shows how God desires to help us move beyond our past and experience the future He has in store. Titles Include:Unchartered Waters, Unhollowed Hearts, Defining Moment, Passion Fires Up Purpose, and A Burdened Servant
  • Breakout Title: The Making of a Man’s Man… God’s Way!
  • Breakout Title: Take Time for Your Marriage
  • Breakout Title: Leadership
  • Breakout Title: Manhood is a Team Sport
  • Breakout Title: Good Answers to Tough Questions: How Men can Help Others to Handle Doubts and Questions About the Faith
  • Breakout Session – Set

    A set of all 5 breakout sessions from the 2021 Johnny Hunt Men's Conference
  • Are you a leader who desires to be used for greater purposes, to effect lasting change, and to positively influence generations to come? Perhaps God's related plans are beyond what you have even yet dreamed. Johnny Hunt often shares his unique Christian testimony: a shy, rebellious kid whose alcoholic father left a wife and six children to fed for themselves, Johnny did not embrace faith until adulthood. So when he talks from a leader's perspective about investing in people, overcoming insecurities, making situations betterm earning respect, and intentionally, his words ring especially fresh and true. BUILDING YOUR LEADERSHIP RESUME is Hunt's presentation of widsom-focued insights that will simply, yet greatly enhance any business or ministry. He will guide you toward becoming selfless, result-driven leader whose impact on others will be immediately rewarding and eternally significant.
  • Deeper

    In this series Pastor Johnny takes an in depth look at the 7 churches in Revelation Chapter 2 & 3 and how those warnings and words of encouragement can translate to our modern times. The messages are: 1-The Loveless Church 1 2-The Loveless Church 2 3-The Suffering Church 4-The Compromising Church 5-The Tolerating Church 6-The Lifeless Church 7-The Lifeless Church Part 2 8-The Lifeless Church Part 3 9-The Faithful Church 10-Seven Promises to Seven Churches
  • Ever wonder how to be a man of God in the trenches of life, in the day-to-day trials and temptations that hound you? It's not impossible! God's promises and strength are real, and you can claim them today. Whether you feel beaten down by your past failures or trapped in a corner by your current struggles, let hope lift you up. Pastor Johnny Hunt offers the biblical encouragement and guidance that will help you?
    • Navigate the dangers and discouragements of daily life
    • Take practical steps toward taming your negative habits
    • Use your blessings to influence others for God?s glory
    It's time to learn how to break spiritual strongholds so you can move forward in God's will and become the kind of man you?ve always wanted to be
  • Demolishing Strongholds

    In this series Pastor Johnny shares how we can escape and destroy the strongholds that hinder our walk with God. As He renews our minds, we can replace the issues that hold us down with the Truth that sets us free. This series contains 6 messages
  • Who hasn't asked the questions, "Why am I here?", or "What's the point?" Many believers struggle because they have failed to realize that God created them for a purpose and that purpose is to serve Him and serve others. Pastor Johnny takes a hard look at Ephesians 2:10 in this 4-part series that will help us put our time here on earth into an eternal perspective.
  • Dryness in Duty

    Hear Pastor Johnny talk about his personal struggle with burnout. Learn the importance of hearing the voice of God and what God taught Pastor Johnny that will help you during dry seasons of life as well.
  • How do we know if we are growing as believers and not just "going through the motions"? Hear what the Bible says in this 3-part series from Pastor Johnny about living a fruitful life.
  • We often struggle with forgiving others and ourselves because we don't fully embrace the work of God's grace in our lives. This 4-part series will help us understand the important relationship between grace and forgiveness in our lives.
  • From the Poolroom to the Pulpit is the autobiographical, life-changing story of Johnny Hunt.  Follow this thrilling story of a young boy, deserted by his Dad at age 7, with 5 brothers and sisters and a single mom working day and night to provide. Raised in Government Housing, Johnny becomes a rebellious teenage alcohol abuser, high school dropout, and manager of a pool hall.  Read how his life changed one snowy Sunday night.
  • Full

    How much is enough? This age old question is one that men have struggled with since Adam and one we have to define for ourselves. In this 4-part sermon series, Pastor Johnny explains, "Contentment is not the fullfillment of what you want, but the realization of how much you already have."
  • Have Hope

    What does the Bible say about depression? Who can we trust to share our struggles? How can we deal with the pain of past failures and defeat? These questions and more are answered in this 7-message series. Pastor Johnny opens up about his personal struggle with depression and addresses the pain that many people face and never share. Titles include There's Hope For Depression, I've Falled and I Can't Get Up, The Ministry of the Thorn, and severl more.
  • A year of learning about Heaven, Jesus’ life, and His resurrection. Heaven, Life, and the Resurrection will strengthen your walk with Him.
    You will find blessings upon blessings as you read the uplifting Scripture verses, daily devotions, and prayers from 52 trusted pastors and church leaders. Each day learn more about Jesus - Heaven and His resurrection - and discover a life lived well with Him.
  • 2022 Daily Devotional Book + 100 Most Requested Sermons from Pastor Johnny
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