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  • Breakout Title: Good Answers to Tough Questions: How Men can Help Others to Handle Doubts and Questions About the Faith
  • Breakout Title: Manhood is a Team Sport
  • Breakout Title: Leadership
  • Breakout Title: Take Time for Your Marriage
  • Breakout Title: The Making of a Man’s Man… God’s Way!
  • In this 2-part series you will hear Pastor Johnny and his wife, Mrs Janet, talk about the struggles they have faced in their marriage and how they overcame them.
  • Full

    How much is enough? This age old question is one that men have struggled with since Adam and one we have to define for ourselves. In this 4-part sermon series, Pastor Johnny explains, "Contentment is not the fullfillment of what you want, but the realization of how much you already have."
  • Moving Forward

    What's holding you back? Are you having a hard time getting over your past? In this 5-part series out of Psalm 32, Pastor Johnny looks at "The Blessing of Being Forgiven." Don't let the unforgiveness you have towards others and yourself hold you back any longer. Start Moving Forward.
  • Much More

    We are often left wondering after salvation "Now What?" In this 4-part series Pastor Johnny shares from the heart all that God desires to do in the live of His children and the answer to that question. It's MUCH MORE than we could ever imagine.
  • Questions Answered

    In this 3-part series you will hear Pastor Johnny address: 1-Is Homosexuality a Sin? 2-Brain Ruts: Dealing with Pornography, 3-It's a Wisdom Call: A Biblical Perspective on Alcohol
  • The Battle Within

    Often the most difficult struggles for a believer are those that we face in our own hearts and mind. Pastor Johnny deals with several areas that keep Christians from living the victorius life in this 5-part series. 1-I Can't Forgive Myself 2-Regrets: Bad Choices and Second Chances 3-Seasons of God 4-The Blessing of Being Forgiven Part 1 5-The Blessing of Being Forgiven Part 2
  • Are You Tired of the Silent Struggle? There are some things you just don't want to talk about. Personal issues, hidden sin, debilitating shame-it's your instinct to keep your weaknesses private. But as you hide these things away, they eat at your heart and harm you and those you love. With clarity and honesty, renowned pastor Johnny Hunt leads you through the struggles commonly faced by men. This growth and study guide is an opportunity for you to assess your weaknesses, face your inner battles, and call on God and a community of believers to help you experience victory in times of trial. You are not alone in your struggle, you are not beyond repair, and you were not created to be a prisoner of shame. Use this guide to confront your temptations, and be amazed by how the power of God can work in your life!
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